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  • Posted by mr_majestic  / Aug. 1, 2012

    From the same guy who brought us Part I last week here is another collection of ten tips to help with everyday life. Guarantee anyone who watches this will use the battery trick at some point.

  • Posted by YouNeedPOWAH  / Aug. 1, 2012

    On August 1st, at 5:00pm every year, the town of Warsaw comes to a complete standstill in remembrance of 200,000 citizens who died standing up to a German invasion of the capital of Poland.

    More info about this video: The Warsaw Uprising claimed mostly civilian casualties. These brave souls fought the Nazi's for 2 months and the city shows their respect every year. In the form of a silent moment that spans the entire city.

  • Posted by borges40  / Aug. 1, 2012

    The only thing worse than taking a golf ball drive to the nuts from 20 yards is having the guy that hit it celebrate like he just won the U.S. Open.

  • Posted by Fortey  / Aug. 1, 2012

    Our Russian friends are bringing us hospitality this week int he form of entertainment. Music, athletics and, you know, plowing.

  • Posted by TitsMcgee06  / Aug. 1, 2012

    We here at Break wish that we loved anything as much as the man in this video loves these trains. Sadly, we don't.

  • Posted by YouNeedPOWAH  / Aug. 1, 2012

    This is pretty tough to listen to, but the audience reactions are great and you have to wonder what all the players were thinking.

    More info about this video: 11 year old Harper Gruzin is responsible for this trashing of the national anthem. At a major league soccer match between Los Angeles and Dallas the young singer songwriter prove that she might not be ready for the big leagues.

  • Posted by mellifluent  / Aug. 2, 2012

    This guy is so angry about the crappy fence that separates him and his neighbor that he wants to do some interesting things to his neighbors. He also loves touching himself.

  • Posted by Fortey  / Aug. 2, 2012

    Unless you've been living under a rock the last week, you've noticed that a chicken restaurant has somehow polarized the nation. So let's take a look and see what all the fuss is about.

  • Posted by mrwangers  / Aug. 2, 2012

    Facebook friends, up-votes, points, and the illumination from a screen aren't going to fill that dark, lonely, hole that is in your heart.

    More info about this video: This short titled "Online Now" was created to show the impact of social media on our everyday lives. Writers and directors Jake Dolgy and Jake Ross have truly made an inspiring short for the internet generation.

  • Posted by MadisonHotels  / Aug. 2, 2012

    It's hard to find a good job these days. So, when you see a recruitment ad this awesome from a gaming company, if you're not falling over yourself/crapping your pants to apply you have the brain activity of an amoeba.

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 2, 2012

    "Babymakers" is a hilarious new comedy from Broken Lizard, the guys behind "Super Troopers" and it comes out tomorrow. It also has Olivia Munn in it. And she's fun to look at.

    More info about this video: Olivia Munn has shown her true talents this year. With a big role on HBO's The Newsroom she has really hit her stride as an actress.

  • Posted by theladyzman  / Aug. 2, 2012

    This trailer makes it very clear that no matter how hot, sexy or cute a French person is, they don't call the French frogs for nothing.

  • Posted by booyah85  / Aug. 3, 2012

    We don't know. We just don't know. But we think we want ice cream now? Or to be alone? Or to just cry. Yeah, crying sounds nice.

    More info about this video" Philadelphia based Little Baby's Ice Cream company made this insane video to generate buzz for their hand crafted ice cream. While the commercial may be weird the ice cream is super premium and can only be found in the Philadelphia area on small mobile vending tricycles. At least all this weirdness is for a good cause, delicious ice cream.

  • Posted by haveuseenmystapler  / Aug. 3, 2012

    The music man at this baseball game decided to play "Three Blind Mice" as a reference to the officiating of the game and this umpire douches out and ejects him. And yes, umpires do have that stupid power.

    More info about this video: Umpire Mario Seneca was not in a mood to mess around the night of August 1. When the Daytona Cubs' organist played his tune no one could have known they would see one of the more rare sights in all of baseball. Truly a special night caught on camera.