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  • Posted by FunkyKrunk  / Sep. 1, 2007

    As one of many people who will be spending this labor day weekend at a lake, I hope I dont run into a swarm of Jelly Fish like this.

  • Posted by leemch  / Sep. 1, 2007

    Lego man goes on a rampage killing all the townspeople. Pretty cool video must have taken forever to create.

  • Posted by lNDlustry  / Sep. 1, 2007

    Some kid tries to clear a small dirt jump but his back tire just misses the landing causing him to land face first into the dirt.

  • Posted by bbivey  / Sep. 1, 2007

    A bunch of people go down to the beach to check out Hurrican Dean as it approaches landfall. The hurricane is still hours away but the waves tell the crowd its time to go home.

  • Posted by Meeotch  / Sep. 2, 2007

    Some dude asks a little girl for a couple chips and at first she lets him have a couple pretzels but eventually the 4 year flips him off and walks away.

  • Posted by Goatlord  / Sep. 2, 2007

    This is a video demo of a 13.4 GIGAPIXEL photo of Harlem. No matter where you zoom in, it's always crystal clear. It can clearly depict a person's face 20 miles away. I wonder how long itll be they start selling digital cameras with 13.4 gigapixels.

  • Posted by h2osk8r151  / Sep. 2, 2007

    One of the best all time high school pranks. The home team Darby were tricked into holding hundreds of posters which spelled out We Suck during the third quarter of their first game. Nice job Davidson!

  • Posted by fecks  / Sep. 2, 2007

    A bunch of guys start messing with the home team fans and stand up to block their view during a game. After a few minutes of name calling a huge brawl breaks out.

  • Posted by JJWB  / Sep. 3, 2007

    A skater goes off a small jump and comes crashing down on his leg breaking it badly. Someone needs to drink more milk.

  • Posted by hener  / Sep. 3, 2007

    This guy tries to do a back flip off a 33 foot water tower, it does not go well.

  • Posted by coolwhip579  / Sep. 3, 2007

    Two guys line up on opposite ends of a gym with large jousting poles in their hands and ride full speed at eachother. The one dude actually takes a pretty solid hit knocking him hard off his bike.

  • Posted by mmmethod  / Sep. 3, 2007

    This is one of our old time favorites redone with a minor video edit that I thought made the clip interesting enough to repost.

  • Posted by indeedgoodsir  / Sep. 4, 2007

    Funny spoof infomercials done by the people at Jewelry Television. Who knew the Jewelry TV people had such a good sense of humor?

  • Posted by gatorboss  / Sep. 4, 2007

    During the dance off portion of the Baltimore Dancehall Queen Competition this girl gets a little too dizzy and disoriented from all that head banging and ends up falling right off the back of the stage. Better than Ms Teen South Carolina...

  • Posted by vincedumo  / Sep. 4, 2007

    This is the largest model airplane in the world. It is the B29 Dina Might, scale 1/5 and with its four engines of 160cc each it lifts 210 kg in the air.

  • Posted by Bigboyz98  / Sep. 4, 2007

    I might be a little geeky here but I thought this was a pretty cool video. This guy keeps a hard drive attached to his computer but opens it up to show what its actually does when messing with files on his computer.

  • Posted by markoson  / Sep. 4, 2007

    My friends would agree I may not be the best golfer in the world but I love driving that friggin cart so I get sucked out to the course at least 5 times a year. As good as I think I might be at driving this dude has me beat.

  • Posted by NotTheKing  / Sep. 5, 2007

    When I heard the title of this video I was hoping the guy singing the song would be the one getting tackled. But no, its his poor unsuspecting friend who is quietly minding his own business....

  • Posted by Chat_Stew  / Sep. 5, 2007

    This guy tries to impress his girlfriend by sliding down a really long steep rail. He does not end up impressing her.

  • Posted by CReedProductions  / Sep. 5, 2007

    This just looks like a lot of fun. A bunch of guys film themselves swinging on a rope and letting go getting big air before landing in a lake.

  • Posted by offvoice  / Sep. 5, 2007

    An ATV takes a huge jump but overturns and lands on the front wheels flipping over. Check out spectator in the black as well. The ATV just barely misses him as it flies off the landing ramp.

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 5, 2007

    This guy tries to roll off the side of the boat into the water but gets stuck on the side of the boat and is left dangling upside down.

  • Posted by billydakid1975a  / Sep. 5, 2007

    This guys going to be pissed when he gets home. Watch how many rally car drivers completely miss a turn and end up smacking into the side of his house. You must really have to suck at driving to be a rally car racer.

  • Posted by rossangeles3000  / Sep. 5, 2007

    Two scratch off lottery winners spend all their winnings in 8 hours on hookers, booze and complete debauchery.

  • Posted by Indian_Larry  / Sep. 6, 2007

    These kids come up with the bright idea to stand on top of a stack of chairs lined up next to the pool then have a friend run straight at them. It does not go well.