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  • Posted by ucallthatjustice  / Dec. 1, 2007

    Car accidents almost always happen when you least expect them. While doing a news report on a dangerous intersection, a news reporter catches an accident live on the air. You don't see a car accident video like this one everyday. It's crazy to catch an accident on a surveillance camera most of the time, let alone on live TV. Actually, a car accident like this may never happen again.

  • Posted by shorcutcatfish  / Dec. 1, 2007

    Tired of having to sit down like a girl to take a poop? Stand up like a man with the new poop tube.

  • Posted by bymitten11  / Dec. 1, 2007

    This guy tries to put a box into an overhead compartment and even though it fits without a problem he still has problems closing the door.

  • Posted by Indian_Larry  / Dec. 1, 2007

    This guy wins a half time prize and is told to look for the camera as he runs into the stadium to collect it. I think its a safe bet he never saw it.

  • Posted by JHeath5150  / Dec. 2, 2007

    Portland Winter Hawks fans threw a world record 20,372 stuffed animals on the ice after what they thought was their teams first goal of the season -- a goal which officials later disallowed.

  • Posted by marovetsm  / Dec. 2, 2007

    This is a really cool trick that I cant wait to try at a party. Balance 2 forks on the rim of a glass using a toothpick, by burning the toothpick at one end.

  • Posted by Staff  / Dec. 2, 2007

    From what I understand this drunk dude actually got arrested and charged with only the crime of resisting arrest.

  • Posted by boomerang75  / Dec. 3, 2007

    This crazy drunk is fed up with the high price of gas. For some reason he thinks blowing up a gas station will help lower the price.

  • Posted by Indian_Larry  / Dec. 3, 2007

    Shockingly this guy discovers that tying a burning bag of stuff to the back of his bike as he rides down hill, is a bad idea.

  • Posted by seraphlegion  / Dec. 3, 2007

    Step right up ladies and gentlemen, watch as this freakish Flexible Girl does body bending stunts on a pool table. Marvel at her death defying pool skills as she manages to twist her body around so that her ass is hanging over her head. That's right folks, our bendable lady manages to shoot the ball into the corner pocket all while her colon rests atop her forehead. This video is completely authentic, no tricks here, she's the genuine article. Flexible Girl is a stretchy, bendy miracle, whose talent in table games is not of this planet. That's right folks, this is the only place you can see video of this sexible, flexible woman!

  • Posted by murphyy  / Dec. 3, 2007

    Some little kid is enjoying his Wii when out of nowhere his dog comes up from behind and humps the crap out of him. That kid pretty much just got raped, he will definitely need counseling.

  • Posted by rednekga  / Dec. 3, 2007

    This is a pretty sweet stunt. A couple cars and motorcycles pick up enough speed to drive on the side of a wall.

  • Posted by Pannaz  / Dec. 4, 2007

    Hidden camera investigation reveals the awful truth about those glasses hotels leave by the sink. Now you wont look so guilty when you explain why your girlfriend needs to take penicillin after a business trip.

  • Posted by DeathWish808  / Dec. 4, 2007

    Im not a doctor but Im pretty sure this Serbian guy has had a bit to drink. Instead of filming him why not give the guy a bottle of water and a stick of gum so he can drive home???

  • Posted by abouttotilt  / Dec. 4, 2007

    Talk about a lack of patience. It took less than 40 seconds for this officer to ask for this dudes license and insurance and then taze him for being to slow to get it.

  • Posted by DeathWish808  / Dec. 5, 2007

    This biker is trying to outrun cops in a multi car pursuit but as he attempts to cruise past this officer he gets clipped and is sent flying down the street.

  • Posted by rednekga  / Dec. 5, 2007

    A Croatian news crew barges in on 50 Cent backstage at a concert and catches him and his posse in a private moment...face down on a table doing lines. 50 then tries to salvage the situation by giving the guy an impromptu interview.

  • Posted by Pannaz  / Dec. 5, 2007

    Meet Angel a 9th grader who claims to have slept with 80 guys. Thats the kind of extra curricular activity is gonna look great on her college applications.

  • Posted by BiGSCoTTY1  / Dec. 5, 2007

    When Rednecks get really drunk there are usually two results: Someone gets shot or a crappy car goes off a man made jump. The camera man is as funny as the jump.