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  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 1, 2006

    I dont know what country this newscast is from but clearly they are having a bit of a rainy season. The news crew is out to record flood damage but they also happen to see a biker get nailed by a moving car. If this is that guys 15 seconds of fame then he got robbed!

  • Posted by BustownRolla  / Nov. 1, 2006

    We set up a sunshade tent thing to look creepy, with tarps down the side, and scared people in a trashcan and with masks. Really funny.

  • Posted by S_M_N  / Nov. 1, 2006

    Some people will just never learn. Here's more closed circuit tv footage of cars trying to get a free pass through a barrier. $2 for toll or $1000 in bumper repairs?

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 1, 2006

    Simple life star Nicole Richie took some time out of her busy schedule to show off some new dance moves on Hollywood blvd. Look out Lionel, there's a new singer in the family.

  • Posted by MaTuX  / Nov. 1, 2006

    Ive seen some bad face plants over the years, this one is definitely in the top 5 in terms of pain. This is why they invented the full face.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 1, 2006

    Break Gallery 107!!! A couple soldiers have a message for John Kerry, Adriana Lima goes to the beach, and much more. Our Halloween gallery is going up on Friday so if you have any last minute pics get em in now!

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 2, 2006

    I guess science has found a cure for every disease and now has some free time to explore other unanswered questions like what happens when you put 50 marbles in a blender. Add a protein boost to that and you're good to go in the morning.

  • Posted by wickedawesomefilms  / Nov. 2, 2006

    Hey there teens! You don't need a fake ID or an older brother to buy you alcohol! Here's a fool-proof way of buying that sweet, sweet booze you crave - guaranteed!

  • Posted by smcham  / Nov. 2, 2006

    Dramatic security camera video shows a Tradewinds Airlines Boeing 747-200 freighter running off the runway during an aborted take off, seriously damaging the aircraft.

  • Posted by DatelineHollywood  / Nov. 2, 2006

    Clueless film critic Woody Wittman covers the premiere of "Borat" where he sees stars like Chris Rock, Ben Stiller, Richard Lewis, Borat himself and more!

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 2, 2006

    At the University of Moscow, two students walk through the library during normal study hours. They take the elevator to the 21st floor, open a window and jump in front of shocked librarians and students. scav hunt, clue, WIC

Skater Bike Rack Head Bash

Posted by stalawa  / Nov. 3, 2006

Most skaters spend so much time planning the first part of their trick but not as much time thinking about their landing. This guy clearly should have chosen a ramp with a little more of a runway.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 3, 2006

    If there's a possibility that you might get punched in the face and knocked out cold while sitting in your drivers seat, make sure you're car isn't in drive.

  • Posted by boomerang75  / Nov. 3, 2006

    Bill Shannon suffers from a Bilateral Hip Deformity as a result of a disease called Legg Calve Perthes. But that doesn't keep him from dancing better than most people. What an inspirational guy.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 3, 2006

    This has to be the coolest freaking sport that I have ever seen. A guy jumps out of a helicopter and literally flies down the mountain in a wingsuit. Talk about guts!

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 3, 2006

    This cute baby is a comedian's dream, not only does he crack up at the slightest noise but his laugh is totally infectious. Here's another case of the "one in a million" quality of viral videos. There are a ton of laughing baby videos out there, but none of them seem to have ever become as popular as this little tyke. Can he ever brag about that some day to get girls?

  • Posted by OpieandAnthony  / Nov. 4, 2006

    On Friday morning Borat stopped by the Opie and Anthony show to discus topics like antisemitism, Mcdonalds and the America toilet. This is only part one of the hilarious five part interview, if you're a Borat fan I highly recommend watching the other parts on

  • Posted by BadExample  / Nov. 4, 2006

    Justin is dared to jump off the roof onto the trashcans but that doesn't go very well. Who saw that coming?.

  • Posted by Medic1334  / Nov. 4, 2006

    Some guy gets smacked down by a Las Vegas Metro Police Officer after not complying with several requests by the officer.

  • Posted by Be_So_Slick_56  / Nov. 5, 2006

    I found one of those POP-UP games and I showed to my sister to see how she would react. I was no expecting that kind of a reaction. After the camera turns of she cried non stop for 30 min. I felt so bad

  • Posted by MaTuX  / Nov. 5, 2006

    People will just never learn, I dont know why this guy thinks he'll be able to run over a moving car and land it. He's not Jackie Chan. Lets save the stunts for professionals.

  • Posted by Marcell_ledbetter  / Nov. 5, 2006

    Watch this guy turn into a paraplegic gimp after he has his wife taze him while trying to shotgun a can of beer. I'm so glad tazer videos are making a comeback they are my favorite.

  • Posted by boomerang75  / Nov. 5, 2006

    Guy scares the crap out of sleeping wife with his Darth Vader routine. This might not have been what their relationship therapist meant by role playing.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 5, 2006

    We posted this video almost two years ago but a bunch of people requested it this weekend for some reason. I guess people were doing a lot of flaming shots to celebrate the Saddam verdict? Well anyways I dont think a flaming shot could go any worse than it does for this guy. From now on lets just stick with Irish Car Bombs.

  • Posted by S_M_N  / Nov. 6, 2006

    A guy jumps off the roof of a six floor building trying to land in the pool. He scored a 9.5 with the French but only a 3 with Russians.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 6, 2006

    Fox News reporter Jane Skinner slips up when talking about Iraq's Top Cop. Shep shouldnt be so quick to judge he's made some funny Freudian slips himself in the past.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 6, 2006

    This nutbag shows spiderman how it's really done by scaling a colossal building, no ropes or harness. If only he could fly, then he probably wouldn't have been arrested.