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  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 1, 2006

    This guy has perfected one of the strangest bowling moves I''ve ever seen. All they need to do is grease that lane up a bit and hes got a pretty good chance at picking up the spare. Go Big Earn!

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 1, 2006

    I had to watch this clip twice because I couldnt figure out if this guy was white or not. You certainly cant tell based on his dance moves

  • Posted by Roughy  / Apr. 2, 2006

    If it wasnt for the poor video quality and camera work this would have been one of the best videos I''ve seen this month. This kid climbs a tree then all of a sudden the branch he was standing on breaks sending him straight down on his nuts. This is right out of a cartoon.

  • Posted by Starks  / Apr. 2, 2006

    On the surface this seems like a typical roommate caught jerking off video. Well it is and it isnt. It starts off normal; a group of friends run into the room with a camera to embarrass their roommate. Then it takes a very strange turn. Now thats what I call a very sticky situation...

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 3, 2006

    Two executives are having a conversation when the younger secretary walks by and bends down right in front of them. Hilarious how the female executive regains the guys attention.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 3, 2006

    This is a great spoof on those old Don Lapre get rich quick infomercials. Yes, in fact I too bought this guys stuff. By the way, Efren Favela you still got my Don Lapre book from NIU.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 3, 2006

    This ad looks a couple years old but its still pretty funny. A Chevy Impala is chasing a couple of masked bank robbers whose car is in pretty bad shape.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 3, 2006

    This crazy kid tries to eat a cactus like it was an apple. I''m trying to figure out what would hurt more, the cactus going in or coming out two days later. To his defense, this is the rare breed of cactus that is filled with dark chocolate in the center. It''s considered a delicacy in remote areas on Albuquerque.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 4, 2006

    Chevy recently launched the Chevy Apprentice, a website allowing visitors to create their own Chevy Tahoe commercials. Here are a couple commercials that I am pretty sure will not be winning the Grand Prize.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 4, 2006

    Meet Faith, the incredible two legged dog that doesn''t let her obvious disability hold her back from having fun and being a really amazing pet. It would be so weird to see her and her owner strolling down the street together on a walk.

  • Posted by whodman87  / Apr. 4, 2006

    Mikey decides he wants to feel what its like when his dog gets shocked by the electric dog collar. Watch as Mikey turns into the incredible hulk when he crosses the invisible fence. If this hurts a human so much, maybe they''re too strong for dogs?

  • Posted by zgone321  / Apr. 4, 2006

    What do you do when your friend eats both your pizzas without giving you any money? Wait for his gluttony catches up with his bowels then bombard him with roman candles. I think its safe to say Brenner will be offering to chip in next time.

  • Posted by asdlkfjoweiurp234  / Apr. 5, 2006

    While trying to impersonate some kind of animal this kid runs head first at full speed into a Fire Extinguisher nearly knocking himself unconscious.

  • Posted by firemonster  / Apr. 5, 2006

    These girls dig a large hole in the sand at a beach and then film it hoping someone will fall into it.

  • Posted by FreakPower30  / Apr. 5, 2006

    Here is a David vs Goliath clip but in this one Goliath wins. Check out the knockout punch the big guy throws. The kids lucky his head stayed attached.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 6, 2006

    This kid visits a Wilmington Catholic College Prep High School and gets dozens of women to sign a petition to end womens suffrage. Apparently, the kid actually attends the school and we were told got into quite a bit of trouble for shooting the video.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 6, 2006

    A streaker runs past a newsreporter during a live broadcast blowing an airhorn and then letting one rip. Got to give the reporter credit as he never shows any signs of distraction during his report.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 6, 2006

    This might be one of the hardest hits to the face I have ever seen. Although, he was successful a couple times on his final attempt his front wheel comes down too early causing him to fly over his handle bars landing head first into the concrete sidewalk.

  • Posted by IncSalomon  / Apr. 7, 2006

    The funny part about this video is just before the kid gets whacked in the head with a chair they discuss how to make it look real. Well, I suppose it doesnt look any more real then just actually whacking your buddy with the chair.

  • Posted by Harrell  / Apr. 7, 2006

    A couple kids drive around town talking to various people walking the streets. They get a girl to talk back to them distracting her enough to walk into a light pole.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 7, 2006

    This one is actually pretty funny. Check out these two head bangers. One of them bangs his head so hard he faints. Try and pick which one. I had my money on the wrong dude.

  • Posted by Onyxhatch  / Apr. 7, 2006

    Besides catching an accident on tape, the dashboard camera also catches this guy listening to a really lame song. Maybe his girlfriend was in the car and hi-jacked the ipod. I wonder what that guy in the volkswagen was listen to that they didnt realize the light was red and a cement truck was barreling towards him. Culture club Karma Chameleon?

  • Posted by Djhelf  / Apr. 7, 2006

    I think I just answered my above question. Bull fighting is definitely another sport that is only fun to watch when something bad happens. Gotta give him credit though, he gets back up and gets right back out there.

  • Posted by Smo  / Apr. 7, 2006

    Pretty sweet video of skaters at their best or is it at their worst? Either way its fun to watch. Isnt it funny that the best part of this sport is when the mess up? What else is like that?

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 8, 2006

    Who wants to be a millionaire idiot. This guy may be the biggest fool in the history of televised game shows. I wish the host would have the nerve to just say what everyone is thinking: you are an idiot, now go home and never live this down.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 9, 2006

    A couple guys have devised an elaborate plan to get their fast food for free. Actually its not that elaborate, they just have their buddy wait and grab it when the woman holds it out. Still pretty funny though.

  • Posted by DaVeY2CraZy  / Apr. 9, 2006

    Apparently all this drunk guy wanted was a piece of cake. Somehow this innocent request escalates into a drunk smack talking contest outside of a bar. You really have to pick your battles, was a piece cake really worth getting stomped?

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 9, 2006

    We get a lot of maze scare prank videos and usually the reactions arent really worth posting. However every once in a while we get one that is has that certain something that sets apart from the others. This is one of those videos.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 10, 2006

    This might be the biggest fight in hockey history. Its a clip from 1997 of a game between Russia and Canada. A fight breaks out just after a faceoff and eventually clears both benches.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 10, 2006

    I am sure a lot of you guys have seen this before but this looks friggin awesome. Its a game of basketball played on a court filled with trampolines. Does anyone know if their are permanent courts set up where this can be played.